Monetize cash-reliant customers to generate additional earnings

Decrease costs in the payment process by avoiding dunning steps and substitute existing, expensive cash out solutions like checks.

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How it works
Step #1

Receive barcode

The customers receive a payment slip with a barcode in addition to their invoice or refund either via text message, e-mail or mail.
Step #2

Pay or pay out at retail partner

The barcode gets scanned at a viafintech retail partner store and the customer either pays the invoice or receives a refund.
Step #3

Receive confirmation

You receive a payment confirmation in near-time.

Bill payment

„With Barzahlen/viacash we offer our members an alternative payment for co-payment invoices, that can also be easily used by trusted persons. In case of sickness this is great relief for our insured.”
– Helge Neuwerk, BKK VBU

used by:
  • Digitalize your customers with fully automated payment handling, no manual post-processing necessary
  • Use a complementary payment method, no cannibalization of direct debit or standing order customers
  • Avoid a costly dunning process
  • Divest your own cash payment infrastructure
  • Expand your customer service and differentiate yourself from the competition

„With the Barzahlen/ viacash solution we offer our insured an additional, simple payment method that leads to an increased inflow of payments.”
– Manfred Hausmann, Barmenia Insurances

used by:
  • Additional earnings through usage of cash reserves
  • Avoid further dunning steps
  • Use a simple, anonymous and GDPR-compliant payment method
  • Increase your customer service by offering customers to pay their debt with cash
  • Lower your payment default

“In more than 10,000 cases, premium credits were paid through viacash. The positive feedback from our customers confirms our commitment to innovative and digital services. This is how we simplify our customers’ lives.”
– Generali Insurance

used by:
  • Replace expensive existing cash out solutions like checks
  • Fully automate the payout of refunds and credit
  • Improve your customer orientation and differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Increase your customer service by offering customers to pay their debt with cash
  • Provide a convenient payout network integrated in the daily life of your customers


Use a fully automized interface in order to handle all your processes. Used for direct integration into the ERP system to handle all your processes.


Used for mass processes, e.g. in dunning, independent from the ERP system.

Cash Desk

Use the web-based interface to individually generate barcodes, used e.g. in service centers or in direct communication via phone.

Integration Partners

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