Accept cash payments from your customers with our simple, easy to use browser solution

With our browser-based application you can accept cash payments from your customers through our network without any technical integration effort. Our plug & play solution enables you to create transactions in our system and send the payment slip to your customers via e-mail or text message.


STEP #01

Select slip

One you click the ‘Create Slip’-Button, viafintech Application will show you the variety of slips you can create. Select either a payment or payout slip.

STEP #02

Enter details

The operator is required to insert the customer-ID, an individual reference number for the payment, the amount and the due date.

STEP #03

Enter address

The operator is asked to set the customer address optionally. Through this information, it will also be possible to determine the closest stores to the customer, as well as enable push notification and incentivize the customer to set payment or payout.

Step #04


The operator is required to select how to send the slip to the customer. It is possible to send the slip either via e-mail, via text message, or even both.

Step #05


In case the customer decides to receive the slip via e-mail, the operator will enter the e-mail address and send the e-mail in near-time with the payment slip attached.

Step #06

Text message

If the customer demands a delivery via text message, the operator enters the mobile phone number and the following text message is sent.


Easy to use

Easy to use with assistance of intuitive handling and tool tip (detailed help function).

Digital process

Convenient processing, controlling and monitoring of payment and dunning processes.

Instant value creation

Higher incoming payments and less blockages through convenient payment and near-time confirmation.

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