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Tired of counting paper-cut coupons? We enable you for the new 100% automated era of unique couponing! Furthermore the API based service will help you to save time and money while generating more revenue at the same time.


You want better customer targeting and more data? Our service enables you for the new era of smart couponing. With cheaper campaigns, customer tailored unique coupons and lots of customer data.
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Cross Selling

Benefit from all coupon campaigns.

Faster Checkout Process

Automatic & near real-time validation speeds up your checkout process for coupons.

Less Maintenance Time

Fully automated coupon process reduces your maintenance time and guarantees a less error-prone checkout process.

Digital and unique (serial) Couponing

We deliver the API and database to enable unique couponing. This new kind of coupons generate more customer insights and prevent fraud.

Flexible Coupon Campaigns

Cut out stressful and tough negotiation time and simply use our existing retail partner network to roll out coupon promotions.

Multinational Couponing

Our Europe-wide retailer network enables you to roll out coupon promotions in several countries.
API Element

API Merchant

The viacash API allows you to create payment, payout and refund slips customers can use at local retailers to withdraw or deposit cash. Payment slips can be sent to users as an e-mail with a PDF attachment to print out or as a text message. When a store’s POS system confirms the transaction, viacash immediately calls a Webhook to notify your system about the transaction. You can use this confirmation e.g. to mark an invoice as paid or trigger the shipment of the goods to the customer. The API is a JSON-based REST API.

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Customer Checkout
API Element

API Retail

API Retail allows partners with physical stores to integrate viacash into their point of sale systems. The API is part of the overall viacash payment process, which consists of two parts:

  • viacash clients (B2B) create payment or payout slips (using the viacash B2B API), which contain a barcode and are sent to viacash customers (B2C)
  • viacash customers (B2C) go to a partner’s store, hand over or show the barcode to the cashier, and pay money or receive money at the point of sale. (handled by API Retail)
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API Element

API Stores

API Stores provides two endpoints to retrieve stores which offer the viacash service including their opening hours and coordinates. It is possible to find stores:

  • located close to a given point
  • located within a rectangular bounding box of geocoordinates
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Weina Wang

Sales Retail, Bill and Online Payment Sales DACH

“viafintech is like a big and diverse family to me. In tough times we help each other out and lift each other up. We trust each other and laugh together. No day is the same, every day is exciting. We are growing massively and I am honored to be part of this company in these vibrant times. We have an unspoken open communication policy and every voice is being heard. You are asking how do I know I like to work here ? I look forward to going to the office everyday!”

Visalini Sriharan

Partner Manager

“viafintech feels like a big, young, and international family with whom you don’t just work together but have fun doing so as well. Every employee’s little successes are celebrated. Everybody is interacting on an even level including the managers. Also a junior is heard and you feel like you can have an impact early on. Essentially I like working at viafintech because I’m able to develop both professionally and personally. It’s just fun!”

Visalini Sriharan

Michael Bernstein

Finance & Accounting

“To me, viafintech isn’t just simply a company but rather a team. Everybody constantly supports each other to reach our common goal. Everybody here is important, appreciated and supported in his or her personal development. But just like every great team we know that from time to time small achievements have to be celebrated as well. This team is just amazing and the atmosphere one of a kind.”

Michael Bernstein

viafintech digitally connects retailers, corporations and consumers through its platform. We offer digital financial and value-added services.

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Mit Abschluss der Bestellung bekommen Sie einen Zahlschein angezeigt, den Sie sich ausdrucken oder auf Ihr Handy schicken lassen können. Bezahlen Sie den Online-Einkauf mit Hilfe des Zahlscheins an der Kasse einer Barzahlen/viacash-Partnerfiliale.

Bezahlen Sie bei:
Sebastian Seifert

Sebastian Seifert

Sales & Business Development (Founder)

Sebastian Seifert is in charge of the divisions Sales, PR/Marketing and Business Development.

Achim Bönsch

Distribution & International Expansion (Founder)

Achim Bönsch is responsible for the international expansion, our retail partnerships as well as the HR department.

Andreas Veller

Finance & Operations

Andreas Veller is accountable for the finance, operations, product and legal department as well as for the IT. He is the former founder of Shopwings and worked as a consultant in the banking sphere. At McKinsey he managed the IT restructuration of a retail bank and a post merger integration in the banking sector.


Behind great leaders is a great team

Pedro Borges

Pedro Borges

Sales Iberia, Latin America & France

Pedro leads the viafintech business in Iberia, Latin America and France. Before joining the team, he worked in Finance at Procter & Gamble for 6 years, bringing combined knowledge of the finance and the retail sectors together with a sharp focus on consumer needs. He holds an Economics Degree from the University of Porto and a Master in Finance & Strategy from WHU.

Lena Vock

Lena Vock

Sales Switzerland & Austria, Banking Sales DACH

Lena takes care of further expanding our network in Switzerland and Austria and works mainly from Zurich. She has many years of experience as an in-house consultant and in the area of strategic digitalization at Credit Suisse. Lena has a master’s degree in economics and business administration from the University of Zurich.

Weina Wang

Weina Wang

Sales Retail, Bill and Online Payment Sales DACH

Weina is responsible for the stationary partners of viafintech, in particular for the further development of the network in Europe. The versatile project manager previously worked in management consulting at Accenture and at Volkswagen in China for several years.

Sergio Kvaternik

Sergio Kvaternik

Sales Spain

Sergio is in charge of viafintech in Spain. He has developed his career in corporate finance for banks and private equity funds, at PwC Deals; as well as growing startups as Head of Business Development and International Expansion at Billin. He holds two degrees in Law and Business Administration, with experiences at the University of Toronto in Canada, and at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany.

Michael Bernstein

Michael Bernstein

Finance & Accounting

Michael is responsible for Finance and Accounting. He holds a Bachelors degree in Business administration from HWR Berlin. Prior to viafintech Michael worked for several finance departments such as financial accounting, accounts payable and treasury in different industries.

Ulrike Czekay

PR & Marketing

Ulrike deals with all corporate communication topics at viafintech. After her studies of media, music and cultural sciences at HU Berlin she gained longstanding experience as a PR consultant in a PR and Lobbying agency and worked for several Start-ups.

Thomas Lewicki, LL.M.

Thomas Lewicki, LL.M.


Thomas is leading the legal department at viafintech. After studying law (specialized in International Corporate Law), Thomas worked as a Legal Counsel at BIOTRONIK. He also gained experience at ISiCO data protection where he worked as a data protection officer for several fintech companies.

Daniel Rzesnitzek


Daniel heads the HR department at viafintech and is responsible for all topics related to HR management, HR development, culture and people happiness. After completing his Master’s degree in Business Economics at the OVGU in Magdeburg, he then worked in recruiting at viafintech before taking over as head of the team. During his time in recruiting, he contributed significantly to the company’s biggest growth phase.


The right solution for your business

The more profitable way to offer gift cards

It’s as simple as that: standard gift card processes for customers and retail stores.

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Full KYC right at the POS

The cashier verifies the customer’s ID and scans a generated barcode to trigger a money transfer.

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The new age of couponing – 100% automated

Struggling with manual couponing processes? We deliver a 100% automated couponing process by validating barcodes in real-time, connecting you to 20.000 POS

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Banking of the future at the POS

viacash offers smartphone-only withdrawals and deposits and cash payment services.

Recycling coins made easy

With no effort, coins turn into a payout slip which can be used for purchases or payouts at the POS.

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Pay via smartphone: no card, no cash

New digital QR-code based payment methods attract more customers at the POS.

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Let machines do all the work with our simple API integration!

At viafintech solutions we use different APIs, depending on the customer and their systems. viacash APIs allow you to create payment, payout and refund slips. Customers can use these in stores like supermarkets to deposit or withdraw cash. We also offer an API for displaying all the stores that support viacash services close to your customer.

API Header

Easy integration via plugins to your shopsystem

your shopsystem viafintech offers you plugins to numerous shop systems. Simply click on your shop system to get more detailed information on available versions and details on the individual features.

You can integrate the shop module into your online shop immediately.


Benefit from our partner network!

To integrate our products into your business, our experienced partners will lend their expertise. We will gladly support you in finding the fitting partner.


Transfer files securely by using high-level encryption!

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) enables the secure transfer of files to dedicated servers. This allows communication to nearly every system. Therefore, our SFTP solution is ideal for communicating with ERPs. Services over SFTP are: Generation of payment or payout slips, transmission of pay signals or settlement of file transfer.


Accept cash payments from your customers with our simple, easy to use browser solution

With our browser-based application you can accept cash payments from your customers through our network without any technical integration effort. Our plug & play solution enables you to create transactions in our system and send the payment slip to your customers via e-mail or text message.


We believe in cash

You think cash is old-fashioned? We believe it just needs digital solutions to clear the way to the 21st century.

With its product brands viacash and Barzahlen/viacash, viafintech represents the largest bank-independent cash-payment infrastructure in Europe with more than 20.000 retail partner stores. viacash/Barzahlen enable the handling of the most basic banking needs such as cash withdrawals and deposits at the checkout of a supermaket or drugstore. Using our service, customers may also pay bills from different sectors – including utilities, e-commerce, insurance and telecommunication, as well as their rent – using a barcode printed on their bill or sent via mail, e-mail or text message. For any transaction private customers receive a barcode via e-mail, SMS, app or mail to process the payment with our business customer. The barcode gets scanned at the cash register at one of our retail partner stores and the customer pays with cash or any another available payment method. As soon as the customer pays, the cash register system confirms the payment in real time. The payment service is provided by Grenke Bank AG in Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy and Spain. In Switzerland, the SBB receives the amount on behalf and for account of Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG. Currently viafintech is active in Germany with its Barzahlen/viacash brand at about 12,000 REWE, dm, PENNY, Rossmann, mobilcom-debitel, Budni and toom stores. In Austria Billa, Bipa, Merkur, Penny and in Switzerland the SBB are among the partner stores. In addition, viafintech operates in non-German-speaking European countries (such as Italy, Greece and Spain) under the brand name viacash. viacash offers cash-affine users various opportunities to use digital services without specifying sensitive financial data and is also the only payment system that is available to all inhabitants of the active countries without restriction.


About Paysafe

Paysafe (“Paysafe”) (NYSE:PSFE) (PSFE.WS) is a leading payments platform with an extensive track record of serving merchants and consumers in the global entertainment sectors. Its core purpose is to enable businesses and consumers to connect and transact seamlessly through industry-leading capabilities in payment processing, digital wallet, and online cash solutions. With over 20 years of online payment experience, an annualised transactional volume of over $130 billion in 2022, and approximately 3,300 employees located in 12+ countries, Paysafe connects businesses and consumers across 100 payment types in over 40 currencies around the world. Delivered through an integrated platform, Paysafe solutions are geared toward mobile-initiated transactions, real-time analytics and the convergence between brick-and-mortar and online payments. Further information is available at

About Paysafe’s eCash Division

Paysafe is a global market leader in the provision of eCash payment solutions. The goal of its eCash division is to target simple and secure online transactions through prepaid and online cash solutions. Today, it is available to purchase in one million sales outlets in over 60 countries and its brands include paysafecard, paysafecard account, paysafecard Mastercard® and Paysafecash. Its original product, paysafecard, uses a 16-digit PIN and enables customers to shop online without using an account or credit card, protecting their confidential financial information. In 2018, the paysafecard team developed Paysafecash allowing customers to shop online first and then pay securely for their purchases with cash at convenient, nearby payment points. Paysafecash is already available in 55+ countries. In 2020, paysafecard and Paysafecash reached a transaction volume of more than US$ 4.6 billion. For more information, please go to