Transfer files securely by using high-level encryption!

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) enables the secure transfer of files to dedicated servers. This allows communication to nearly every system. Therefore, our SFTP solution is ideal for communicating with ERPs. Services over SFTP are: Generation of payment or payout slips, transmission of pay signals or settlement of file transfer.

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How it works
Step #1


Either the client or viafintech can host the SFTP Server.
Step #2

Send data via CSV

All data for
  • Generating payment or payout slips
  • Transmitting pay signal
  • Settlement of file transfer
will be uploaded as CSV files into dedicated folders on the SFTP Server.
Step #3

CSV creates transaction and loads data

Generate payment or payout slips: Upload of a predefined CSV file. The service automatically generates slips after the file is uploaded.
Step #4

Customer downloads files

File transfer for slip generation
  • viacash will create a transaction from sent Input CSV file and generates an output file, where we send information back for your printing street. Slips can also be generated directly by viacash and returned as PDF files for printing e.g.
Settlement of the file transfer
  • viacash uploads a CSV file containing all necessary billing data.
Transmission of pay signal
  • viacash uploads a CSV file in a predefined frequency. It contains payment confirmations and notifications on expired and cancelled transactions
Benefit #1

The viacash SFTP service automatically communicates with the viacash API

Benefit #2

No direct integration of the viacash API necessary

Benefit #3

Full viacash functionality enabled through CSV file exchange