Deposits and withdrawals made cheaper, easy and mobile-first

Save costs, increase customer retention and attract new customers by enabling your customers to deposit and withdraw cash in one of our 16.000 partner stores across Europe.

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How it works
Step #1

Choose deposit or withdrawal

Your customer chooses whether to withdraw or deposit cash. The nearest retail partner stores can be found on the map.
Step #2

Enter amount of choice

Your customer selects the amount to withdraw or deposit.
Step #3

Complete transaction

The barcode will be scanned at one of our retail partners and the customer can withdraw or deposit the amount. The transaction is confirmed in real-time.

Your customers, your branding

Whether your customers are businesses or retail bank clients, they will always stay within their trusted environment – your mobile banking application. Our whitelabel solution viacash can be integrated seamlessly into your mobile banking application, so that your customers can be kept in your own front-end in times of PSD2.

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Deposit & Withdraw Cash

“The customer chooses the amount to withdraw or to deposit in his app and a barcode gets generated. This bar code will be scanned at the cash register system. We are turning smartphones into the very centre of banking and are rendering the traditional bank branch redundant.” – Valentin Stalf, Founder and CEO, N26

“For bank customers, cost-free supply of cash is essential. Therefore we are glad to have ‘SpardaBargeld’, a simple and flexible cash supply solution that is close to our customers” – Stefan Schindler, Chairman of the board of Sparda-Bank Nürnberg

used by:
  • Offer your customers a convenient solution with our growing European network of 16.000 stores.
  • Reduce your costs by saving on the maintenance of your own banking infrastructure and ATM service fees
  • Win new digital native customers by supporting the trend towards smartphone-only banking (“ApplePay for Cash”)
  • Convert customers into mobile channels and keep your customers in your own frontends even in times of PSD2
  • Offer both deposits and withdrawals of cash with one solution

By providing the viacash solution you can offer your clients an additional and simple payment method which leads to an increased payment inflow.

used by:
  • Additional earnings through usage of cash reserves
  • Complementary payment method, no cannibalization of direct debit customers
  • Digitalize your customers with automized payment handling, no manual post-processing necessary
  • Increase your customer service by offering customers to pay their claims with cash

With viafintech you can optimize your bank branch setup. Targo Bank

used by:
  • Reduce costs by closing cash desks in the branches
  • Optimize branches by focusing on advising your customers and cross- and upselling of other banking products
  • Transform non-mobile into mobile customers by offering deposits and withdrawals in the mobile app
  • Get customers used to deposits and withdrawals at retail stores and prepared for possible future ATM closures
  • Save costs for new hardware investment cycles


Use a fully automized API to integrate functionality into mobile banking app and receive real-time POS-data via a separate API.


Used to generate barcodes in a mass procedure for claim management.

Cash Desk

Used for claim management, e.g. telephone debt collection.

Integration partners

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