Are Banks Ready for the New Age of Banking?

Discussing the role of customer centricity in the future of banking

„Banking is necessary, banks are not.“ – a bold thesis by Bill Gates from 1994. Is it (becoming) true? What will future bank customers and their needs look like? How do today’s banks prepare for customers of Generation Z?

Questions that were tackled in our free webinar featuring influential representatives of the banking industry.

Please find the recording of the webinar we held on 10th June 2021. Listen to our host Lea Cys, Senior Banking Manager at viafintech and panel members from N26, German Savings Banks Association and DKB discussing about future bank customers and their needs.

  • Georg Hauer, General Manager DACH and Northern Europe at N26

  • Felicitas Vlachakis, Team Lead/Product Owner Current Account at DKB

  • Pavlina Popova, Project Lead Digital Payment at German Savings Banks Association

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