Monetize cash-reliant customers to generate additional earnings and lower payment defaults

Reduce costs of expensive existing cash payment processes like cash machines or tills in the service center. Avoid electricity dunning processes and cut-offs.

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How it works
Step #1

Receive barcode

The customer receives a barcode by mail, e-mail or in person at the service counter.
Step #2

Pay at retail partner

The barcode gets scanned at a viafintech retail partner store and the customer either pays an invoice or payment reminder.
Step #3

Receive confirmation

You receive a payment confirmation in near-time.
Costumers that trust in us


Used for direct integration into the ERP-System to handle all processes.


Used for mass processes, e.g. in dunning, independent from the ERP-System.

Cash Desk

Use the web-based interface to individually generate barcodes, used e.g. in service centers or in direct communication via phone.

Integration Partners

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