Monetize cash-reliant customers to generate additional earnings and lower payment defaults

Reduce costs of expensive existing cash payment processes like cash machines or tills in the service center. Avoid electricity dunning processes and cut-offs.

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How it works
Step #1

Receive barcode

The customer receives a barcode by mail, e-mail or in person at the service counter.
Step #2

Pay at retail partner

The barcode gets scanned at a viafintech retail partner store and the customer either pays an invoice or payment reminder.
Step #3

Receive confirmation

You receive a payment confirmation in near-time.

Bill payment

„Before working with viacash we had a considerable customer volume and a high load on our service processes, especially at the end of the month. Besides, it came to disruptions in the operation of the vending machine and a relatively high expenditure for monthly statements. With the help of viacash we simplified our customer service. Customers are now familiar with the system and take advantage of different deposit points. The customer service staff now have considerably more time to focus on the important service issues of the customers and to prepare the toolbox for the automatic pay station. The long queue of cash payers at the turn of the month are a thing of the past as well. The solution with viacash is fully developed and has also given us a big advantage relating to the image.“ – Kai Kistenmacher, Stadtwerke Kiel

used by:
  • Digitalize your customers with fully automated payment handling, no manual post-processing necessary
  • Use a complementary payment method, no cannibalization of direct debit customers
  • Avoid a costly dunning process
  • Provide a convenient payment-network integrated in the daily life of your customers
  • Improve customer orientation and retention and differentiate yourself from your competitors

“The municipal utilities Düsseldorf have been using viacash for several years now. After a test phase for customers who have historically paid at pay stations, we have decided to introduce viacash for all customers in claim management. In retrospective, this was the right decision. Customer acceptance is above average. Additionally, we benefit from increased incoming payments and automated processing of payments resulting in less dunnings.” – Michael Inden, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf

used by:
  • Generate additional earnings through usage of cash reserves
  • Avoid further dunning steps and decrease payment defaults
  • Use a simple, anonymous and GDPR-compliant payment method
  • Increase your customer service by offering them to pay their debt with cash

By providing viacash you enable your customers to receive their refunds and payouts easily and quickly.

  • Quicker and cheaper than existing alternatives like checks or own infrastructure
  • Fully automize the payout of your customers refunds and credits
  • Improve your customer orientation by providing a convenient network integrated in the daily life of your customer

By offering viacash you enable your customers to charge their prepaid counters very easily. By offering new solutions you can reach new customer segments.

used by:
  • Offer an easy and convenient cash top-up solution for prepaid-customers
  • Allow prepayment customers to top-up at many locations also in rural areas and with flexible opening hours
  • No need to maintain own machines or tills to offer prepaid meters
  • Use prepaid meters to avoid payment defaults
  • Fully automated solution without any manual processes

“E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH has been successfully offering its electricity and gas customers viacash as an alternative to bank deposits for very short-term payments in advance of connection blocks for several years. The instant transmission of payments enables an immediate cancellation of blocking orders with the distribution system operator. The payment slips are sent by post together with all blocking notice letters. We are also offering our customers with blocking notice the preparation of payment slips via our telephone customer service. In addition, our customer at all dunning levels can request payment slips for the dunning amount as a self-service at eon.de/barzahlen.” – Michael Fliege, E.ON

used by:
  • Additional earnings through usage of cash reserves
  • Avoid further dunning steps and lower payment defaults
  • Use a simple, anonymous and GDPR-compliant payment method
  • Increase your customer service by offering them to pay their debts with cash
  • Differentiate from your competitors


Used for direct integration into the ERP-System to handle all processes.


Used for mass processes, e.g. in dunning, independent from the ERP-System.

Cash Desk

Use the web-based interface to individually generate barcodes, used e.g. in service centers or in direct communication via phone.

Integration Partners

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