Monetize cash-reliant customers to generate additional earnings

Decrease costs in the payment process by avoiding dunning steps through offering a cash payment option.

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How it works
Step #1

Receive barcode

The customer receives a barcode via mail, e-mail or text message.
Step #2

Pay at retail partner

The barcode is scanned at the viafintech retail partner store and the customer either pays an invoice payment reminder or receives a refund.
Step #3

Receive confirmation

You receive a payment confirmation in near-time.

Bill payment

With viacash you can allow your customers to pay their bills and deposits in cash, monetize cash-reliant customers, and increase customer orientation to differentiate yourself from competitors.

  • Generate additional income through monetizing cash-reliant customers
  • Save costs by avoiding costly dunning process
  • Fully automated process with no manual handling
  • Improve customer orientation and differentiate yourself from competitors


With viacash you enable your customers to receive their refunds and payouts easily and quickly.

  • Fully automize the payout of your customers refunds and credits
  • Improve your customer orientation
  • Subsidize your own cash payment infrastructure or check solutions

Claim Management

“viacash ist the ideal solution for us to activate cash reserves and to increase incoming receivables significantly.” – Marc Wolter, Head of Accounting, NetCologne

used by:
  • Additional earnings through usage of cash reserves
  • Avoid further dunning steps and decrease payment defaults
  • Use a simple, anonymous and GDPR-compliant payment method
  • Increase your customer service by offering customers to pay their debts with cash


Used for direct integration into the ERP-System to handle all processes.


Used for mass processes, e.g. in dunning, independent from the ERP-System.

Cash Desk

Use the web-based interface to individually generate barcodes, used e.g. in service centers or in direct communication via phone.

Integration Partners

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