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How it works
Step #1

Create Barcode

Customer receives a cash-in or cash-out barcode.
Step #2

Visit retail partner store

The customer visits one of your retail stores and scans the barcode.
Step #3

Transaction confirmation

Customer receives or pays the money and the transaction is confirmed in real-time.

Increased traffic

100% measurable customer traffic

Increased sales

100% measurable cross-selling at your POS


Earn a commission for each transaction


Standard cashier process (EAN 13 barcodes)
Customer that trust in us


Attract more customers with new digital payment methods at your POS
Step #1


The customer shops at your retail store.
Step #2

Mobile payment

The QR Code or barcode is scanned at the POS for payment.
Step #3

Payment confirmation

The payment is completed. The customer receives a receipt and a payment confirmation via the mobile payment app.

Easy implementation

Seamless integration via the existing viacash infrastructure

One solution

A single integration enables access to many mobile payment providers

Centralized process

Standardized billing, IT and acquiring building upon the existing process

Partnered with
  • 20% YoY transaction growth
  • 100 million transactions per day
  • Over 450 million active chinese users


Offer money transfer at your POS with a fast and easy solution
Step #1

Barcode creation

The customer chooses viacash as payment method.
Step #2

Scan barcode & validate customer

The barcode is scanned at your retail store. The cash register displays customer information and the cashier validates the customer via ID within seconds.
Step #3

Transfer money

The customer pays and receives a receipt with a MTCN* number. The receiver can pick up the money with the MTCN number and an ID card. (*Money Transfer Control Number)


Stable implementation with our viafintech KYC API module

Easy process

Simplified Western Union process that only takes 30 seconds using a barcode scan


Enable money transfer around the world and attract world citizens

Partnered with
  • Money transfer company with 91% recognition
  • Increased customer traffic and prominent placing of company brand in Western Union App
  • More than 1 billion transactions per year


It’s as simple as that: Standard gift card process for customers and retail stores
Step #1

Customer buys gift card

The customer chooses a gift card at the retail store.
Step #2

Pay at cashier

The gift card is scanned by the cashier and paid by the customer.
Step #3

Activation of gift card

The customer receives a receipt and the gift card is activated in real-time.

Easy implementation

Seamless integration via the existing viacash infrastructure

Established process

Standard gift card procedure with dedicated account team

Rapidly growing market

Easily take part in the growing market of gift cards

Partnered with
  • Direct contract with the relevant telco and giftcard merchants
  • Over 165 million volume per year
  • Active telco giftcard leader in many european countries
  • By building more value into everyday transactions through innovative payment technologies, InComm creates seamless and valuable commerce experiences
  • With more than 25 years of experience, over 500,000 points of distribution, 386 global patents and a presence in more than 30 countries, InComm leads the payments industry from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Learn more at


Our whitelabel solution viacouponing can be easily offered at your POS
Step #1

Customer redeems points

The Budni customer converts the points from Budni cards into a cashout barcode at the Budni terminal or online.
Step #2

Barcode scanned at POS

The customer buys at Budni and redeems the coupon. The coupon value will be deducted from the purchase amount.
Step #3

Real-time confirmation

Budni receives a real-time confirmation of the coupon redemption.


Coupon available via App or print version

Whitelabel couponing solution

Your customers stay in their familiar environment: your application

Real-time process

Real-time confirmation provided by us

viacash – Flixbus & Penny

Customized retail and merchant solution to enable Flixbus tickets at PENNY service terminals
Step #1

Book a ticket

The customer uses a PENNY service point and enters travel dates to book a Flixbus ticket. A barcode is printed for payment.
Step #2

Payment at POS

The barcode is scanned by the PENNY cashier and the customer pays. A real-time signal is transmitted to the Flixbus system.
Step #3

Receive ticket

The customer receives the QR-code ticket which can instantly be used to board the bus.

Easy implementation

Seamless integration via the existing viacash infrastructure

Increase customers

Innovative digital channel at POS attracts new customers

Whitelabel solution

Easy adaption for further use cases in your retail store

Partnered with

Technical integration

viafintech cooperates with the following cash register system providers allowing a simplified and fast implementation for your retail store

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