Cash – will it disappear in 2020?

A perspective on the future of cash

[Translate to PT:] Cash – will it disappear in 2020

Access to cash is affecting 20M+ customers in the UK. While vulnerable customers still prefer cash, retail banks across the UK continue to close branches and reduce the number of ATMs, as they attempt to identify how best to support consumers across all locations.

Across Europe and for example in Germany, consumers have a different experience and increased availability of solutions at many thousand retail locations. Through innovation enabled by retailers, they provide a choice for the consumer regarding their access to cash and create a significantly cheaper infrastructure for the banks.

Please find the recording of the webinar we held on 8th July 2020. Listen to our host Chris Skinner and panel members from RBS, Real and N26 Bank discussing the experiences from Europe, the opportunities for the UK and how the future of access to cash will develop during 2020 and beyond.

An open discussion about the future of cash, from both the retail and banking perspective. Is cash still essential, or is really digitalisation the only way forward?


  • Chris Skinner, Author, commentator, troublemaker

  • Kai Grunwald, Strategy and Solutions Director at RBS

  • Marcel Uphues, Finance Director at Real

  • Max Schertel, Director of Business Operations at N26

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