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At viafintech solutions we use different APIs, depending on the customer and their systems. viacash APIs allow you to create payment, payout and refund slips. Customers can use these in stores like supermarkets to deposit or withdraw cash. We also offer an API for displaying all the stores that support viacash services close to your customer.

Our APIs

API Merchant

The viacash API allows you to create payment, payout and refund slips customers can use at local retailers to withdraw or deposit cash. Payment slips can be sent to users as an e-mail with a PDF attachment to print out or as a text message. When a store’s POS system confirms the transaction, viacash immediately calls a Webhook to notify your system about the transaction. You can use this confirmation e.g. to mark an invoice as paid or trigger the shipment of the goods to the customer. The API is a JSON-based REST API.

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API Retail

API Retail allows partners with physical stores to integrate viacash into their point of sale systems. The API is part of the overall viacash payment process, which consists of two parts:
  • viacash clients (B2B) create payment or payout slips (using the viacash B2B API), which contain a barcode and are sent to viacash customers (B2C)
  • viacash customers (B2C) go to a partner’s store, hand over or show the barcode to the cashier, and pay money or receive money at the point of sale. (handled by API Retail)

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API Stores

API Stores provides two endpoints to retrieve stores which offer the viacash service including their opening hours and coordinates. It is possible to find stores:
  • located close to a given point
  • located within a rectangular bounding box of geocoordinates




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